Specialty Resources is a global sourcing and inventory management company for precision components & specialty products. Our domestic and offshore partnered factories allow us to source and supply our customers with quality products at competitive prices. SRI can supply; precision machined components, stampings, bearings, castings & forgings, cold headed & powdered metal parts, electrical components, rubber & plastics, seals, gaskets, springs, sheet metal fabrication and fasteners.


One-Stop Source

SRI is committed to a "Total Cost Approach" to help our customers improve profitability. SRI can support your assembly requests, kitting needs, and special packaging requirements. Raise the bar on your operating efficiencies – let SRI be your one-stop source.


Yearly Inventory Purchasing

We can also provide value by purchasing a year’s worth of your product or parts, assembling when necessary, and managing your inventory at our headquarters, so product is readily available for your releases. Yearly purchases reduce lengthy lead times, eliminate large quantity minimum buys, consolidate your supplier base, and most importantly – improve company cash flow.

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